Dermaroller System - Body

Dermaroller System - Body

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Provides 100% product penetration.

How to use:

For best results, use in conjunction with LovisaLife Cellulite & Stretchmark Oil.

  • Use alcohol to sterilize the roller.
  • Roll bckwards and forwards 4-5 times keeping the speed and pressure uniform, therefore creating more micro vessels.
  • Move the roller 4 times at least in 4 directions.
  • Apply LovisaLife Cellulite & Stretchmark Oil on areas of skin where the roller was used.


  • Do not share with another person
  • Do not roll more than indicated time
  • Keep the microneedle section clean at all times

This product is 100% Organic and contains NO parabens, alchohol, preservatives or chemicals.