Revitalising Toner by Environ 100ml and 200 ml

Revitalising Toner 100ml or 200ml

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Environ Revitalising Toner contains medium levels of AHA, encourages the deeper penetration of Vitamin A into the skin and is ideal for normal or combination skin types. This regular strength toner is for use by most people and encourages gentle exfoliation of the skin – resulting in a more refined appearance. It helps to remove residual cleanser and/or make-up.


  • Promotes the natural acid mantle of the skin.
  • Helps the penetration of Vitamin A into the skin.
  • Encourages gentle exfoliation to tighten and refine the skin.
  • Helps to remove residual cleanser and/or make-up.
  • Helps to minimise bacterial growth.


      • After cleansing, apply Environ Revitalising Toner with a cotton wool swab. Allow to dry and follow with your Environ Vitamin A moisturiser.
      • If necessary, dilute the toner by applying to a moistened cotton wool swab. Use only as directed.


      Environ is a consultation only product line due to the very high levels of active ingredients - Please contact us for a consultation before placing your order.

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